Thursday, December 15, 2016

It’s the Russian arctic shelf, stupid.
"And surprise of all surprises (not really) trump owns stock in Exxon Mobil, and evidently a lot of it. According to Politico: “To do business in Russia—both for Exxon Mobil and for Tillerson’s own massive retirement fund, whose fortunes would rise significantly if a Trump White House lifted sanctions—you have to dance to Putin’s tune, and take whatever favors and humiliations he sends your way.” Lifting OFAC sanctions against Russia would obviously result in a net gain for trump’s fortunes, Tillerson’s fortunes and Exxon Mobil’s fortunes at the risk of national security and our American democracy. If trump sells any of his stocks in Exxon Mobil and affiliates; Kinder Morgan and the Canadian oil sands project, we won’t know about it until his next Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing in May 2017 or unless he announces it to the public in general, which is unlikely given that he shuns the American people unless it’s to endanger private individual citizens via twitter."