Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why does Russia want Trump? It's all about oil. Why does Trump want Russia? It's all about money
"Trump’s leading Secretary of State candidate, Rex Tillerson, has worked for just one company his whole life: Exxon. That doesn’t make Tillerson an expert in foreign affairs. It doesn’t make him an expert in business. It makes him an expert in a very limited subset of the oil and gas business. For Trump’s purposes,Tillerson has very specific skills. Aleksey Pushkov, the head of Russia's Foreign Affairs Committee, tweeted high praises of Donald Trump's reported pick for secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who has very close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Exxon has been working directly with Russia to secure drilling rights in previously virgin areas of the high Arctic. It’s a deal that earned Tillerson the “Order of Friendship” medal in 2012—the highest award Russia gives to non-citizens. Mr. Trump called it “a great advantage” that Mr. Tillerson already knows “many of the players,” noting that he does “massive deals in Russia.”​ Massive doesn’t even do them justice. Those deals, valued at between $500 billion and $1 trillion, are at risk because of US sanctions against Russian officials that were imposed after Russia’s invasion of Crimea and other areas in Ukraine. Tillerson already lobbied Congress successfully to stop a more extensive sanction bill from becoming law. Now he wants the rest of it put away."