Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Republicans' Vicious and Immoral Health Care Bill Is Just Part of a Sinister Long Game @alternet

Republicans' Vicious and Immoral Health Care Bill Is Just Part of a Sinister Long Game @alternet:

"That strategy is not only one the GOP has successfully used many times in the more recent past, from Nixon’s “secret plan to end the Vietnam war” to Reagan’s “reforms” of tax law, but one that they’re clearly betting will continue to work for them (particularly with the help of Fox and right-wing hate radio). Step one is to use the classic Goebbels “Big Lie” technique. That was on full display in the White House PR stunt after the House vote – lie about lowering premiums, lie about expanding availability, lie about preexisting conditions, lie about how Obamacare is “failing.” (Think Bush with Iraq, or the “Clear Skies Initiative,” etc.) And, to make sure it sticks, Trump had Republican after Republican step up to the microphone and explicitly and clearly repeat the Big Lies.  Step two then becomes clear. The bill goes to the Senate and no matter what happens there, complain that it’s being “watered down.”  This sets up the perfect next part of the Goebbels/Machiavelli strategy – claim victimhood, and place blame on those awful (and often racially different from all those white people at the White House ceremony) Democrats.  Because the Senate prevents some of the true horrors of the House GOP’s plan from going into law, GOP voters don’t realize (and Fox will never tell them) that it was really all just a hustle to satisfy the GOP billionaire donor class.  And, because of the Big Lie, every good thing that’s still in Obamacare is thought, by Republican voters, to be the result of GOP efforts, as they now “own” health care. At the same time, they’ll claim that Democratic obstruction is why whatever “bad” things happen happened. (And Drudge, et al, will be sure to find some horror stories in the fall of 2018.) Step three happens in 2018 – go after every Democrat running for the House or Senate for “obstructing Republican improvements and progress” on healthcare."