Thursday, June 15, 2017

60% of Americans Disapprove of Trump. What Are Republicans Waiting For?
"The Republicans in the Senate are preparing to pass a destructive and vastly unpopular bill that will strip healthcare from 23 million Americans. They are preparing to do so almost entirely in secret; they even briefly changed the interview protocols within the U.S. Capitol on the fly to minimize their exposure to questions about how and why they're trying to slip this debacle into law. (After TV folks went wild, that policy was reversed.) In ordinary times, with a president's disapproval rating nudging two-thirds of the people polled, there at least would be a few members of the president's party pushing back against what plainly appears to be a rush to force a suicidal vote. But these are not ordinary times. And this is not an ordinary president*. And this is not an ordinary Republican party."