Thursday, June 15, 2017

The RNC's Defense of Trump's Undeniable Corruption is a Master Class of Hypocrisy and Dishonesty
"This is what morally and intellectually bankrupt political party looks like and this is what it looks like when they're killing our democracy. Republicans spent 8 years relentlessly delegitimizing President Obama. They turned our political discourse into a fetid swamp of hate and rage. They poisoned the minds of millions of conservative voters with conspiracy theories laden with fear and racism. They stopped governing and instead obstructed everything in a bid to destroy the presidency of a man they despised on every conceivable level. They broke every tradition and norm that made our country function for the people. They stole a Supreme Court seat, stole the vote of millions of Americans and, in the end, stole the White House by turning a blind eye to a hostile foreign power attacking the integrity of our election. Donald Trump is the single most corrupt president to ever sully the presidency. He's making millions from abusing his power. He's openly sucking up to the countries that grease his palm. He's still refusing to release his taxes so we the people can't see who owns him. He literally asked the FBI to drop an investigation into his buddy before firing their director for refusing. By any and every definition, Trump is the exact opposite of "committed to complete transparency and compliance with the law"."