Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pathetic Republican Stunt to Promote Obamacare ‘Horror Stories’ Fails Miserably
"When people have to lie about something, that means the facts concerning whatever it is they’re lying about don’t support what they want to be true. For example, the “war” Republicans have waged against Obamacare that’s been mostly based on lies and propaganda. Before Barack Obama even signed the Affordable Care Act into law, Republicans were pushing asinine conspiracies against it, claiming it formed “death panels” or would force people to allow doctors to implant microchips somewhere in their bodies. Is Obamacare a flawless law? Of course not. It was never meant to be the “final product.” The Affordable Care Act was setup to be a stepping stone toward improving our health care system and moving the United States toward true universal health care like most every other major nation on Earth has. The problem is that Republicans were never going to help make the law better. For years they wasted vote after vote to repeal the law in symbolic gestures they knew were pointless because Obama was never going to sign them. That’s what makes what we’re currently witnessing so telling. Now that Republicans have the power to “repeal Obamacare,” like they’ve spent the last few years promising they would do “on Day 1,” they can’t — because the benefits of the law they’ve lied about this entire time are too popular. They know if they did a full repeal, like they said they would, it would be “political suicide” for the party as millions of conservatives would instantly realize how much they’ve benefited from Obamacare. Well, in a stunt that was clearly meant to slander Obamacare, the Indiana Republican Party asked people on Facebook to post their “horror stories” about the health care law. Let’s just say — it failed miserably. The post was flooded by people thanking Obamacare for helping provide them with insurance or, even in some instances, saving their life or the life of someone they knew."