Saturday, July 15, 2017

Republican voters turn against book learning as the party's enstupiding accelerates
"a Republican base that believes the first black president is probably a Kenyan because (insert Rush Limbaugh farting noises here) while being convinced that The Entire Worldwide Community Of Scientists is plotting against humanity and only the noble truth-tellers of Ma and Pa Oil Company can defeat them can go straight to hell, postage-paid. This is all while we watch them eagerly support presidential corruption and, just for good measure, foreign espionage efforts so long as Team Red tells them to there's at least some merit in noting for the record that the majority of the party is as dumb as a box of rocks and twice as stubborn. Is science telling you things you don't want to hear? Declare science the enemy. Is the media reporting news that makes you feel bad inside? Declare the news to be invalid. Is college turning out people who are able to read charts and graphs and numbers on their own without Sean Hannity's shouty explanations as to why Numbers are Bad? Burn them down. That way we will never have to hear bad news again, not now, not when Florida is underwater, not ever."