Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trump’s allies point to his ignorance and inexperience as a defense
"Ignorance of the law, in other words, may work as a credible excuse for Trump’s sycophantic boosters, but there’s no reason anyone else should accept it. But even if someone were inclined to take the defense seriously, even if generous souls want to see Trump as an innocent, lost in the woods, completely unaware of the fact that obstructing justice is a presidential no-no, the story still falls apart given what we know about what transpired. Remember, former FBI Director James Comey has explained that when Trump pressured him about the investigation into Michael Flynn, he did so after clearing the room after an Oval Office meeting with a series of other officials. If the president was simply naïve, and had no idea his alleged actions were improper, why did he kick potential witnesses out of the room?"