Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Republicans: Defenders of the Rich, Pushers of Hate, Bigotry, & Fake Christianity

"This is a party that does nothing but support policies that benefit the rich. Nearly every single policy they support is nothing more than a massive handout for the wealthiest among us wrapped in some sort of manipulative propaganda aimed at blinding people from realizing how disastrous the legislation’s going to be for them, personally. Look at their “health care bill.” It shouldn’t even be called that because it’s not a bill to improve health care in any way. These are nothing more than massive tax cuts for the rich that will not make health care better, cheaper, or provide coverage for more Americans. They’re masking their anti-Obamacare propaganda in a “health care bill” that has nothing to do with health care, and almost everything to do with screwing over the majority of Americans while giving the wealthiest among us bigger breaks. Why else do conservative voters think Senate Republicans wrote this plan in secret and are now trying to push it through Congress as quickly as possible? A political party doesn’t do that unless it’s ashamed of what it’s trying to do. When Democrats passed Obamacare, Congress debated on that law for a year — Republicans are trying to force theirs through in a couple of weeks. Then just look at how Trump built his campaign. Sure, there were many aspects to it, but his main core principles were vilifying immigrants, pushing Islamophobia against Muslims, pushing hate against Hillary Clinton, and pandering to racism. It’s not a coincidence that Trump inspired a resurgence in public displays of white nationalism, as well as garnering enthusiastic support from the KKK and neo-Nazis. Oh, and when Republicans embraced Donald Trump, possibly the least Christian candidate to ever run for president, they lost any right to call themselves Christians — because there’s absolutely nothing Christian about him. He’s a vile, greedy, corrupt, conspiracy-pushing adulterer on his third marriage who has five children from three different women."